A Bit About Us

Here on the Stanton St Quintin Parish Hall Committee, we are dedicated to investing our expertise and resources into maintaining and improving the Parish Hall.
From 2013/14 to 2017, and onwards, many hours, days and weeks have been spent by a core team within the committee on raising funds, sourcing equipment and applying tremendous effort to ensure a community asset - the Parish Hall - was not lost forever.  
The result is a modern, re-invigorated building with up-to-date and improved facilities.

Although a great deal has been achieved, the work does not stop here. 


We are a committee with a policy of providing, insofar as funds will permit, a facility for all sections of the community. So this is your building. We want to hear from you what you think of the hall and how it could be improved. 


Additionally, it is our aim to try to support other activities and causes in the community and not just those that go on in this hall.

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