Feb 25: COVID-19 Response With the publication of the Government's Road Map to ease restrictions in England, the Parish Hall Committee is planning for, and preparing the hall for, re-opening; having been closed for a number of months now. Our plans are to ensure everything is thoroughly cleaned and all equipment functions safely for when we can once again enjoy the facilities we have to offer. As information regarding the effect of the Road Map on community centres and village halls becomes available from village hall advisers we will provide clarity and detail on what this means to you, as hirers and users of the hall. Please keep checking our website for news.

Feb 15: Re-designed Website The Parish Hall Committee is delighted to launch its new-look website. As the major refurbishment of the hall has been completed for a little time now, and a lot of the information on the website was related to the changes taking place and the rebuild, it was felt it was time to streamline the website. We hope users of the website will find all the information they need to find out about what our hall has to offer and to make a booking.



COVID-19 Update From 4th January England was placed in National Lockdown. This meant community centres and village halls were to close with immediate effect, with very few exceptions to closure. The Parish Hall will now be closed to hirers until further notice. 

As restrictions are relaxed, please keep checking our website for updates regarding hall re-opening, as we endeavour to keep our hirers up to date with the latest available information, guidelines and regulation. Our bookings page contains information on the effect to hirers during periods of restriction due to Covid-19.

Covid Information: From 4th January 2021 England was placed in National Lockdown due to coronavirus. The Government stipulates community centres and village halls are to close except for a few limited exempt activities.

Limited exempt activities, identified on are as follows:

  • education and training - for schools to use sports, leisure and community facilities where that is part of their normal provision

  • childcare purposes and supervised activities for this children eligible to attend

  • hosting blood donation sessions and food banks

  • to provide medical treatment

  • for elite sports persons to train and compete (indoor and outdoor sports facilities), and professional dancers and choreographers to work (in fitness and dance studios)

  • for training and rehearsal without an audience (in theatres and concert halls)

  • for the purposes of film and TV filming



Report to Parish Council: Autumn is well and truly here, our rural Parish Hall being surrounded by autumnal coloured trees and hedges whilst harvested fields are being put to bed for the winter.

As the Hiring Calendar fills up, excellent income for management, the Hall Committee is putting renewed effort into publicising our 200 Club Lottery. Thanks to a lot of background effort, we now have a new leaflet which includes up-to-date rules and regulations. This lottery is such an excellent way of supporting our village community asset - the month draw prize is £200 and Christmas draw is £1,000. With only 200 members, there is a great chance of being a inner. There are leaflets in the hall and interested new members can find joining information on our website.

We are delighted with the variety of hirers booking the hall for - Christening Parties, Wedding Receptions, Birthday Parties, Training Days, Dog Classes, Dancing Classes, Cubs and Beavers, as well as village Social Committee events. Due to our location, various organisations find the hall useful for their area meetings.

Our committee energy and enthusiasm is given to looking after and maintaining the hall for future generations, spurred on by the feedback we get from happy hirers.

Cara Voelcker, on behalf of the SSQ Parish Hall Committee


Report to Parish Council: Autumn has begun, the fields are being tidied up and the swallows are due to leave for Africa, there are still some about. I contacted the Water Board about work they are doing in front of the hall, before it started ad explained about hall hirers use. They were helpful and the work appears to go efficiently. John Hodge, from Lower Stanton, kindly dealt with the weeds in the car park for us -we now need to make a regular arrangement for keeping the outside tidy.

Am delighted that there are several new enquiries about hall hire. Situated where we are, it is convenient, the refurbishment are much appreciated and it is really gratifying to see the variety of people making use of this attractive rural building. Any village support and appreciation of our asset makes all the hard work put into managing and running the hall very worthwhile.

We are always interested in new members joining our 200 Club Lottery. The monthly prize surprises and pleases those wh win £200 and then there is our special Christmas Draw for £1000. Details about the 200 Club are on our website. We are grateful to anyone who is able to support the Hall Management by contributing in this way.

Cara Voelcker


Report to SSQ Parish Hall AGMIn 1938, Farmer Worthy Tanner, gave the land for this hall to the Parochial Church Council for the use of the villagers, who built the hall.

At our November 2015 meeting we heard that Companies House had agreed our Memorandum and Articles of Association, which Goughs, our solicitors, will now forward to Companies House to complete our application to become a Charity (a requirement of our lease from the PCC). The Memorandum replaces our previous constitution. At the moment we have three Trustees/Directors (interchangeable terms) are are very much hoping members of our community will come forward and join the committee and become Trustees. This would not commit anyone to financial involvement, but help give oversight and direction for this, our 21st century refurbished village asset.

What a long way we have come since 2015, moving from the hall refurbishment stage to where we are now, at the maintenance stage.

Members of our committee have changed, though the original three Trustees, Jenny Plummer, Ros Whiting, and myself, Cara Voelcker have remained constant. Trustees for the Charity Commission purpose and Directors for Companies House purposes.

The refurbishment project was overseen by Peter Boggis, the 200 Club (our fundraising lottery) was started by Jenny Plummer and Christina Smith, and Ros Whiting has taken charge of all our hall hire bookings. Christina Smith design and produced our website, Nick Greene is our PCC representative. generous villagers gave us loans which allowed the refurbishment to take place and many, many hours of time have been given to this project.

We are grateful to David Thomson for taking on the responsibility of being our Treasurer and to Thomas Powell Jones, now responsible for our Website Development and is Committee secretary, Wayne Fuller is Buckley Barracks Liaison, Bea Majendie, Hirers'  Representative, Non-Executive members are Andrew Jackson, Robert Whiting and Emmas Cambourne.

Hiring have been increasing and various, which is gratifying. We are a small hall and our geographical advantage  is being close to the motorway, so businesses and organisations from all parts of the county find it accessible for their larger meetings. A fundraising project to help this niche market would be a table top projector and two flip charts. 

We are now meeting bi-monthly with in-between meetings when we need to organise a fundraising event, ie. our pub ad skittles evening in June and a Barn Dance in September. We would be delighted if anyone felt able to help with these evenings.

Our Trustees attend meetings regularly, thus overseeing hall finances and management.

My huge gratitude goes to our committee and residents who support and use the hall, ensuring it continues to be a popular community hub.

Cara Voelcker

SSQ Parish Hall Committee Fundraising: The SSQ Parish Hall Committee held a successful evening of Bingo at the end of May. The money raised will go towards the upkeep of the wonderful facility that is the Parish Hall. All who attended thoroughly  enjoyed the evening with most going away with a prize in tow! It was great to see the hall being used and full of people.

On Saturday 22nd June, the Parish Hall Committee will be holding another fundraising event in the form of a Pub and Skittles Night. A well-stocked bar and refreshments will be available on the night.

Come and be bowled over by a unique sport and an evening of meeting and socialising with like minded people!