October 2021

Oct 4 - Table Tennis Club - Table Tennis enthusiasts - on Saturday 30th October, from 2:30 pm to 5:00 pm, there will be an open afternoon at the Parish Hall for those who would like to wander along and have a quick game of table tennis. The open afternoon is provided with a view  to establishing a Parish Hall table tennis club which will, initially, be held on a Monday evening. The number of members attending the club will need to be limited - we have two tables. So if you are interested, come along to the open afternoon and put your name down for the weekly club. More information can be found on the table tennis website page, where updates/changes to the club will be advertised.

September 2021

Sept 22 - New Prize Structure - 200 Club: The October 2021 200 Club Lottery draw will see a change to the prize structure - increasing the number of annual prizes from 12 to 36. More information can be found on the 200 Club page.

The 200 Club Lottery provides the Parish Hall charity with important and much appreciated revenue which allows us to gradually improve facilities for hall users and keep the hire costs of the hall as competitive as possible for parishioners.

August 2021

Aug 29 - Final £200 draw of 200 Club: September 2021 will see the final draw of the the 200 Club Lottery under the current conditions, a structure that has been in place since the inception of the lottery in 2017. As detailed in our last news item (Aug 02), from the September draw (on or around 20th of the month) there will be 3 monthly prizes, enabling more prize winners. 

Aug 02 - Changes to 200 Club Prize Structure: From October 2021 there will be an exciting change to the prizes for our 200 Club Lottery members. 


Following review, and after listening to some current members and prospective members, the Parish Hall Committee has agreed to adopt a different prize structure from the beginning of our next lottery year (October).


The new structure intends to keep the overall monthly prize money the same as before (£200) but sharing it across three winners. Thereby improving the probability of members winning a prize. The three prizes will be £120, £50 & £30 – still worthwhile prizes, but giving a more even share across our ever supportive 200 Club members. These prizes will apply to 11 months of the year.


Similarly, the 12th month will also have three prizes. One of £500 and 2 of £250. Again, sizeable prizes.


We hope that those of you who have been members of the 200 Club from its inception in 2017, and also our newer members, will continue to provide us with the benefit of your support. The income we receive from the 200 Club is very important in enabling the Parish Hall Committee to maintain the fabric of the hall and improve the facilities we offer to hirers.


Please note that prize levels could change in order for us to meet legal obligations to the charity.

July 2021

July 15 - Reduction/Removal of Restrictions - what it means for Parish Hall Users: From 19th July 2021 the Parish Hall can once more operate without restrictions. There will be no limit to numbers attending events, other than the Parish Hall occupancy limit – please see Bookings/T&Cs page - and the normal village hall activities can again take place. 


The Parish Hall Committee will ensure the hall is as secure as is reasonably possible and will continue to provide cleaning materials and sanitiser, but it is the responsibility of hirers to manage the risks of the events for which they have booked the hall


Current Government guidance is: 

  • There should be sufficient ventilation in the hall during events 

  • Common sense and caution is to be exercised

  • The clinically vulnerable are advised to practice caution when considering attending indoor events 

  • Use of the NHS Covid App and scanning of the QR Code are no longer a legal requirements, however some may wish to continue to scan

  • Face coverings are no longer mandatory.


The following are legal requirements:


  • If identified as a contact by the NHS Test and Trace App (relevant until 16th August 2021) it will continue to be a legal requirement to isolate. Individuals must not attend the Parish Hall if they should be isolating.

  • If an individual has tested positive for Coronavirus there remains a legal requirement to self-isolate. In such instances the individual must not attend the Parish Hall. 

  • Anyone with Coronavirus symptoms must not attend the Parish Hall and must stay at home - this remains a legal requirement.

Further information can be found on the website. Please note this information could change at short notice.


 The Parish Hall Committee welcomes the return of our hirers to enjoy the amenities on offer at our hall.

If you have queries regarding bookings call our Bookings Secretary (01666 837115) or email us at

June 2021

June 20 - COVID-19 Update and what it means for hall hire - If you want to hire the Parish Hall for events the rules and limitations as at May 17th - Step 3 - still apply - see. Disappointing for those who had booked the hall in anticipation of having more liberty and have now had to cancel, but there is scope for some hirers. The exception to the May 17 rules is for weddings - see update June 16. 

In addition to the information provided earlier regarding weddings - the following provides further explanation:


  • Unlimited attendees at wedding ceremonies and receptions, as long as they can be accommodated in a Covid-secure way

  • Musical entertainment, with a group of up to six performers allowed indoors, and up to 30 performers allowed outdoors

  • The wedding couple’s first dance

  • Speeches, with Government guidance urging that they take place outdoors or in well ventilated areas where possible. PA systems preferable to raised voices

  • Cutting of the wedding cake

  • Guest books, polaroid camera stations or games, but contact should be “minimised”, with hand sanitisation encouraged before and after use

  • Stand up drinks receptions on private land, as long as they are socially distanced


  • Dance floors indoors

  • Stand up drinks receptions at indoor and outdoor hospitality venues


  • Dancing indoors and outdoors

  • Communal singing, including hymns, indoors

  • Reusable service booklets and devotional material; single use alternatives that can be thrown away afterwards should be used instead

  • Cash donations; online giving should be encouraged instead

  • More than six guests to a table


  • Facemasks must be worn indoors during wedding ceremonies and receptions, except when eating and drinking. This does not apply to the bride and groom during the ceremony, or the person leading it

  • Table service for food and drink at hospitality venues

  • Risk assessments are mandatory for all hospitality venues, and must be undertaken by guests celebrating on private land if more than 30 people are attending

To hire the hall for any of the events allowed, please contact the Booking Secretary, who will be happy to provide additional information and answers to questions. Scanning of the QR code and wearing of face coverings indoors are still required.

Continue to check our website as changes are being suggested for as early as July 5th, although the announced date for further relaxation is July 19th.

June 16 - COVID-19 Update - Unfortunately the news from the Government this week was not quite as we would have hoped, when looking forward to removal of restrictions on 21st June. However, there is still scope for activities to take place, albeit reduced. 

We know some Parish Hall hirers were looking forward to loosening of restrictions on weddings - to a degree this has been granted - but there are still some restrictions in place to ensure the event and the venue are COVID secure. On the right, there is a useful guide, provided by HM Government, to make, what is the most memorable day of many people's lives, enjoyable and safe, whether the venue is a manor house or a village hall.

When the Parish Hall is to be used for any receptions numbers will be limited to 50% of the normal hall capacity until further notice. See the Bookings page for information.


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May 2021

May 28: Additional advice re. May 17 relaxation 

  • The provision of attendance data via QR code and attendance form applies to over 16s;

  • Indoor sport/exercise can be:

    • on your own;​

    • in a group of up to 6 people (organisers or trainers are excluded from this number);

    • in a larger group of any size from up to 2 household;  and their support bubbles where eligible;

    • any number of people where the activity is formally organised by a business, charity or public body - the organiser must carry out the required precautions. Some sports contact should be avoided - organisers should read the guidance on what avoiding contact means for your sport.

  • Organisers of events or those working at the events are not to be included in the numbers allowable.

May 16: What can and cannot be done from May 17 - The following bullet points are additional to the information provided under the May 10 News piece:

  • ​Support, parent & child  groups in village halls can meet in numbers up to 30 (previously 15 was the limit) - under 5's are discounted in the numbers;

  • Indoor sport can re-commence, organised by business, charity or public body with the organiser taking responsibility to ensure reasonable measures are taken to reduce the risk of transmission;

  • Attendance at performances taking place in the Parish Hall should not exceed 50% of the normal hall capacity;

  • Distancing is a requirement at events where individuals are not members of the same household or part of the support bubble.

Face coverings are still a requirement, as is completion of the attendance forms (if the QR code cannot be scanned by attendees).

May 10: Relaxation of COVID-19 Rules - From 17th May the Parish Hall Committee will be able to offer the use of the Parish Hall for adult exercise classes (children's classes have been possible since 12th April) and amateur music/singing practice. The exercise classes include yoga, pilates, table tennis.


Wedding parties, wakes, christening parties with an attendance of up to 30 (the numbers do not include anyone working at the event e.g. waiting staff) will be able to take place.


Bingo and film shows will be able to take place.


However, some restrictions will still apply such as the wearing of face coverings indoors (unless exempt or could be injurious while exercising) and distancing - one metre plus. There is currently no advice relating to the discontinuance of QR codes, therefore, there is still a requirement to scan the QR code in the Parish Hall or to complete an attendance report if hosting an event.

As changes can be made at short notice, we will endeavour to keep abreast of any amendments to the rules which affect hall hire. Please keep looking at our news page for more information or go to

To book the hall please contact the Booking Secretary on 01666 837115.

April 2021

Apr 29: COVID-19 and May 6 Elections - On May 6 the Parish Hall will be a polling station for the local elections and the Police & Crime Commissioner elections. While COVID-19 rules for distancing and the wearing of masks (unless exempt) will apply, there is no requirement to use either the NHS Test and Trace QR code or to provide details to enter the hall for the purpose of voting.

Voters are encouraged to go to cast their votes during quieter periods, to avoid queues, and to use their own pens or pencils.

March 2021

Mar 12: Parish Hall Committee Meeting The Parish Hall Committee met on via ZOOM on March 8th following are main points from the meeting:

  1. CHAIRMAN'S REPORT: After accepting a grant offer from Hills Group Limited, we bought a new noticeboard for the outside the Parish Hall, two table tennis tables, plus equipment for table tennis, as well as a shed situated at the rear of the hall in which to house them. Our website has been wonderfully refreshed and updated. All the committee members have spent lockdown working very hard on behalf of our community organising the latest changes, for which many, many thanks.

  2. TREASURER'S REPORT:  Government grants have been received for managing the Parish Hall. These are grants made available to all qualifying village and parish halls affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

  3. HIRER REPORT: When COVID regulations permit, The Guitar Group and The Jammers will begin to use the hall again on alternate Tuesday evenings. Dancing classes wish to begin as soon as is allowed. The Parish Hall will be used on *Polling Day in May (6th) as usual for the elections.

  4. REPORT RE. NEW FACILITIES:  **Table tennis tables have been acquired and the shed in which they are to be stored has been erected. Many thanks for the time and effort that went into achieving this.

  5. WEBSITE REPORT: The new website was released last month, looking really up to date, and initial work is almost complete.


*When using the hall on Polling Day, please adhere to the current COVID-19 regulations.

**Information regarding table tennis in the Parish Hall will be published soon.


Mar 10: COVID-19 UpdateFollowing the publishing of the Government's road map on February 22nd, and then a further update on February 25th, ACRE (Action with Communities in Rural England) has provided community centres and village halls in England with advice and information relating to timing and relaxing restrictions. The steps outlined by the Government become relevant to the use of village halls from Step 2 onwards.

So, how do the changes to restrictions affect Parish Hall users?

Step 2: No earlier than 12th April - the number of events allowable are very limited. However, all children's indoor activities can resume, these include scouts, cubs and brownies, and parent and child groups (up to 15 attending - plus under 5's) can open indoors.

Step 3: No earlier than 17th May - the following are allowable:

  • Controlled indoor events with up to 50% capacity (please see our bookings page for capacity numbers);

  • Indoor sports activities can take place, these include exercise classes and table tennis, but not dancing;

  • Up to 30 people will be able to attend weddings, receptions, funerals, wakes and christenings.

Step 4: No earlier than 21st June:

  • All limits on social contact are removed - village events such as fetes will be able to take place;

  • Dancing is permitted;

  • Restrictions on numbers attending weddings and funerals are abolished.

Bookings: Parish Hall bookings can now be taken for events, primarily from 17th May onwards. See our poster.


It should be noted that if the dependencies outlined by the Government (see GOV.UK) are not met it is possible that venues will be asked to close their doors again. Should this occur hirers shall not forfeit any deposits they have made for bookings where cancellation are outside their control.

Note: Until we are advised otherwise, test and trace requirements and attendance records will remain in place at the Parish Hall.

Mar 04: Hills Group Ltd & Table Tennis for Stanton St QuintinOver the months of lockdown, Stanton St Quintin Parish Hall has been imagining what it would be like when we are all able to get back together.

 SSQ PH table tennis

One idea that came up was the chance to get back on our feet with a game of Table Tennis. Competition or just for fun... it doesn't matter. Once the Parish Hall opens again for sporting activities you will be able to team up and get down with a ping pong paddle, or come to the table with a table tennis bat.

The community of Stanton St Quintin, Wiltshire is today celebrating the news that Stanton St Quintin Parish Hall has received a £1,375.00 funding boost from The Hills Group Limited. The money has been made available through the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF) which is administered for Hills by Community First, the Rural Community Council for Wiltshire.

Some of this money has been put towards two new tables and a storage facility, to make  

sure we are ready to go when we are given the go-ahead. And so you will know what is going on and where, the money has also been used to provide a new notice board for the information and news in and around the Parish area. ​

The Hall is on a well loved and much used country walk between both parts of the village, used by walkers and those exercising their dogs.

"We think it is a wonderful opportunity to bring something back to the Hall" said Mrs Cara Voelcker, the Chairman of the Trustees, and "Table Tennis can be fun for all ages and a range of abilities - so it's good to be able to set it up with the help of this grant" said Mrs Jenny Plummer, another of the Trustees and a table tennis player herself - (seen here with the new storage shed for the tables).

The Parish Hall Committee is, once again, grateful for the generous support we receive from the Hills Group Ltd, via the LCF.