Policies aren't only for our benefit:
check what is relevant to your booking - keep safe.

Health & Safety

   H&S Full Document

   Fire/Evacuation Policy

   Food Preparation & Provision

   H&S at Work Notice

H&S Risk Assessment

   Jan 2018

some documents are currently under review and will be made available shortly.


Booking T&Cs (March 2019)

Booking Form (March 2019)

Data Protection

    Website Privacy Policy


    Data Retention & Disposal Policy


Note: Data Protections policies relate only to data processed (i.e. collected and used) by the Parish Hall Committee for the purposes of website usage, hall bookings and 200 Club Membership.

If, as hall users and attendees at classes, you give your information to Hirers of the hall for their events, those Hirers are responsible for the security of individuals' data and complying with data protection regulations.

Complaints Policy & Procedure