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SSQ 200 Club Lottery

Operating under licence no: LN/000013702

SSQ 200 Club Lottery


The new prize structure is now in place for the October 2021 draw. See updated rules below.

The object of the Stanton St Quintin Parish Hall Lottery is to provide funding, over and above that which we receive through bookings, to ensure our Parish Hall remains open as a valuable parish resource for the use of all residents. The additional funding helps the Parish Hall Committee maintain standards, carrying out the continuing round of maintenance work, as well as providing additional facilities whenever possible.

The SSQ 200 Club Lottery is regulated under licence with Wiltshire County Council; SSQ Hall Committee Ltd is the registered operator, and the nominated officer is Mrs. J.Plummer. Should you have queries about the 200 Club Lottery or wish to join, the lottery officer can be contacted by email at ssqparishhall@gmail.com.

The 200 Club Lottery is run under Gambling Act 2005 rules, ensuring it is managed in a fair and open way.

Key Points


To take part you must:​

  • be aged 16 or over

  • become a member of the 200 Club Lottery

  • pay your monthly draw fee in advance of the draw

  • abide by the 200 Club Lottery rules

There will be:

  • one prize draw each month

  • the December draw will be a Big Single Prize Draw




The purpose of the 200 Club is to raise funds for the SSQH. All monies will be paid into the SSQH 200 Club bank account. After paying out 200 Club prizes, monies available will be used to meet the upkeep and improvements to the Parish Hall providing resources and opportunities for the benefit of the community. 



  1. You will receive a digital Membership card, numbered between 1 and 200 which will be issued once we have received payment. The £5 joining fee will be taken from your first payment.

  2. The lottery year begins October. Members joining after October 15th will pay pro-rata rate to the following September.

  3. There will be 36 draws each year, with three prizes a month. The prizes for eleven of the twelve months will be *£120, £50 and £30, and the December draws will be *£500, and 2 x £250. 

  4. There will be no more than 200 members or membership numbers.

  5. Payments are to be made by Standing Order (£60, £30, £15 or £5) before the 15th of the month, or by annual cheque, to keep administration costs to a minimum and to ensure your membership is paid up to date.

  6. Member's numbers will only be entered in the draw if membership is up to date - for the December draws membership is to be held for at least 2 months.

  7. If a member misses a payment their number may be sold to someone on the reserve list, and they will not be entered in further draws.

  8. The draw will be made by the SSQH Committee 200 Club Secretary in the presence of at least two other Committee members

  9. The winning cheque will be posted to the address on your application form within one week of the draw, or bank transfers will be made within one week of the draw.

  10. The name and/or number for each month's winners will be published on the SSQH website (ssqparishhall.co.uk), unless the winner specifically wishes not to be names. In which use the member's number only will be published.Requests for permission to publish will be made when an individual is advised of their win.

  11. The 200 Club will be run by the SSQH Committee. In case of any dispute the decision of the Committee is final.

  12. Unless otherwise advised, a member will be deemed to have left the 200 Club if his/her subscription renewal remains unpaid

  13. If a winner cannot be contacted, or the winnings cannot be paid into an account, the winnings will retransferred into the SSQH charity funds after six months.

  14. It is the responsibility of 200 Club members to advise the SSQH 200 Club Secretary (email: ssqparishhall@gmail.com) of any changes to their contact information during the term of their membership

*Prize levels are dependent on the number of 200 club member and the ability to comply with the legal requirements of the Gambling Act.

A PDF version of the rules can be found here.

See attached document for application form for October 2021 onwards.

Sign Up


There are currently some memberships available. If you wish to participate in the monthly 200 Club Lottery draw, please complete the attached Sign Up & Standing Order Mandate. The draw takes place on or around 23rd of each month, to participate in the current month applications and payment must be made by the 15th.

On completion forward the form (either by email or post) to the 200 Club Secretary at the address shown on the form.

2022 Winners


Thank you to all who continue to support our Parish Hall through membership of the 200 Club Lottery